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Frequently Asked Questions.

The only stupid question, is the question that you don’t ask.

Individual Coaching

Can a friend, colleague or relative call Heroes?

Yes. Absolutely if youu would like someone to ring to find out a bit more and have any additional questions answered then please get them to get in touch.  Even if someone has not asked you to get in touch and you are concerned about them and would like to learn more, then again please do get in touch.

Do I have to live near you?

No. Many of the programs which we run are done remotely, so as long as you have a smart phone, tablet or computer it will be fine, a printer would also be helpful or access to one, but it’s not essential.  We have helped people from all over the world and are based in Manchester, UK.

How much do Programs cost?

They begin at £59 and rise from there, they very much depend on the number of touch points and frequency that you need, whether it is one on one coaching and of course the length of time.

Is there funding available?

If we are in receipt of any Funding, Grants or Commisions we detail them below on this page.  In the current UK climate they are very hard to come by as you would expect, if they do come they often come with a number of stipulations and restrictions as well which is not how we prefer to work.


Does the Hero team help anyone?

We have never had anyone through the program under the age of 18, but over this both Men and Women have had Hero Transformations with ourselves.

Group Coaching

What's the difference between Individual and Group?

The best analogy I use for this is the gym, you could go to the gym and use the machines on your own and go to a couple of the classes (Group), or you could use a Personal Trainer (Individual).  You will be experiencing the same in terms of knowledge and strategy but one is going to be more generic than the others.  Both work, it’s up to you which you prefer.

When does the next Hero Group Program start?

The nature of the Hero Program is they run all the time, it does not matter when you pick it up because all of it is intrinsically linked.  Again picking up on the gym analogy, if you join and they are working on squats or if they are working on running, both are going to get to your goal of fitness.

What do I do if the Program doesn't help me?

IT can be dificult to fine the right things to help you as different things help different people. It is important to be open to a range of approaches and to be committed to finding the right help and continue to remain hopeful, even when some things don’t work out.  Also it may seem that something has not worked now and further down the line you realise the benefit.  This is not a sales page, but the question to ask yourself is, is what I am doing now working?

Corporate Wellbeing Programs

Do you do Corporate Schemes?

Yes.  We can provide a blueprint for Companies which helps them to look after their staff from a Health and Wellbeing point of view. Coupled with the Hero Blueprint which covers Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset we also provide workshops, seminars and training where needed.

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